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Universities Say They Stand Together, But What Are They Really Standing For?

Before I get started here, let me just say, I've been debating if I should even write this article, why you ask? Because I believe in higher education - so you ask me why did I decide to write it? Well, I turned on my TV set on February 1, 2017 and watched student riots at UC Berkeley in California. Apparently, it started because a right-leaning speaker was to hold a talk there. Windows smashed, buildings ablaze, cars turned over, and people hurt - campus police watched but hardly intervened, eventually local police units came to curtail the riot which lasted many hours.

A couple of days later Donald Trump tweeted that perhaps these Universities not allowing free speech ought to be defunded from Federal Funds - and if you know anything about Research Grants you know just how much money these schools get in taxpayer funds.

Why are students rioting? What is the point? Why does faculty incite such activity? What happened to free speech? What's the point in all this?

Well, if you ask a college professor, he/she/it will tell you that they are just trying to protect the most vulnerable of our society? Sounds like an apologetic stance for political correctness to me. Coddling students and sending them out into the real world later will be a rude awakening for them, all the while holding backpacks filled with laden weight from those student loans which will take years to pay off. By the way, did you know that many University pension funds invest in student debt bundles, yes, like those mortgage bundles that led to the 2008 crisis, so essentially the pension funds are enabling this credit crisis as the bubble is ready to burst.

There was an interesting video posted to the UCR - University of Riverside, YouTube Channel titled: "UCR Stands Together" (posted on February 1, 2017) which depicted students of ethnic origin and Muslim students in hijabs telling the listeners that the stand together with the University community in times of insecurity, hardship, and conflict, also with the local community. But this is just propaganda using socialist buzz-words. You see, the conflict and hardships to them means that Donald Trump was elected and they didn't get their way, so now they are morning and standing up against our government and duly elected officials in solidarity to continue to fight. Wow, is that what they are teaching now at our universities?

"Stand Together" is merely a slogan, similar to the "Hope and Change" slogan of Barack Obama's campaign. It sounds innocuous even righteous, but there is an insidious plan behind these slogans. In this case the students, along with their politically correct tokenism shows 3 female Muslim students and one student each from other groups; Hispanic, Black, white Female, and of course, not to offend one-white male and they plead to us that; UCR promises to "Stand Together" but is that what's really going on here?

No it means the University wants to have and/or incite more civil disobedience, more protests, riots, and remain PC while producing more snowflakes with worthless degrees who haven't a clue, which means more to vote in socialist rules into our society. Well if UCR 'stands together' and if this institution stands against America and economically enslave our children with college tuition debt and teaches them to be nice little socialists - then maybe that institution doesn't need my tax dollars to subsidize tenured professors pensions.

Indeed, maybe we should stand with Donald Trump and his tweet to defund these Universities from Federal Funds, as there need to be a penalty for such activity.

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